Best Nutrients for Growing Cannabis (Sept. 2019)

So you’ve decided to start growing cannabis, and you’re looking for the best nutrients. You’ve come to the right place. Here we will be reviewing the best cannabis nutrients, that dramatically increase your yield.  There are many nutrient companies, and each company creates multiple types of nutrients for different purposes.

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Nutrients 101

Keep in mind that certain nutrients are made specifically for soil while other nutrients are made for hydroponic growing. Keep in mind the nutrients that you are getting and make sure that they are the right ones for your grow. Additionally make sure they are the right nutrients for each stage throughout the growing process.

One other piece of information to keep in mind is the N-P-K ratio (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium). All nutrient bottles will show a set of 3 numbers which is in the order of N-P-K. For example if the bottle reads 6-2-8 that means the levels of the nutrients would be 6 Nitrogen, 2 Phosphorous and 8 Potassium. They work on a scale of 1-15, 1 being the lowest and 15 being the highest.

Every grow is different but many have found success using this ratio during their grow:

Vegetative Stage = High Nitrogen, Medium Phosphorous, High Potassium

Flowering Stage = Low Nitrogen, Medium-high Phosphorous, High Potassium

For the vegetative stage it is perfectly fine to use a general plant nutrient because they are naturally high in Nitrogen.

When you get to the flowering stage you want low Nitrogen as it is important for the levels stay down. Since general plant nutrients are high in nitrogen they cannot be used because in this stage too much nitrogen will start to prevent the growth. Phosphorus and Potassium are important in this stage of the grow. Phosphorus helps the quantity of buds you get while the Potassium helps with the weight of the buds. Keep in mind to not go overboard with the nutrients.

Kind Soil

Kind Soil is a water only system and when properly used with a QUALITY base media ( roots organic original, bush doctor coco loco) You will never require the addition of any extra feeds or growth supplements. You will need a quality water PH meter and you should be keeping your night temps above 65 degrees. Water Ph is the backbone to our system, if your filtered water PH is in the rage of 6.3-7.0 DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR WATER PH, just water your plants. The only time you should be adjusting the water PH is if your PH is over 7.1 OR lower than 6.3. If your water ph is out of the safe range, then you MUST adjust the water with earth juice natural down (citric acid) or earth juice natural up (potassium bicarbonate). Do not use liquid PH adjusting product with our system you will encounter issues! Overwatering is the number one killer outside of people not monitoring their ph properly. Make certain your not watering to runoff and your not watering on schedules. Most growers can go 5-7 days between waterings when done properly, less is always more you can always give more water if needed, you can’t suck it back out of the media. Our system is made to provide everything your medical/vegetable/flower plants will ever require from vegetative start to harvest day all you will ever do is water. You will not experience burns, deficiencies or any other growth issues as long as your not exceeding recommended veg times for the amount of kind soil your using. Our maximum recommended veg times are max times you can veg the plant for before flipping the grow to flower and still be able to complete an entire flower cycle.  if you want to veg the plants for shorter lengths you can do so, that will not effect the grow, just do not EXCEED the max veg times given for the amount of soil your using.

Your flowers will have flavors, smells and tastes you never knew they had.

We recommend using ROOT TRAPPER II grow pots with our system or any fabric pots for the best results. These pots allow the media to properly dry even when overwatering occurs, yet still keeps moisture in. They also do not leak water and humidity like fabric pots, they also aid in insulating your root zones.

DO NOT OVER WATER! overwatering is one of the biggest issues growers experience. Your plant is fragile and does not require massive amounts of water daily. Depending on the media you chose for your base, watering is only required once every 5-7 days.  Keeping the soil too moist slows the root growth, can create PH issues and will kill your plant. Never let your grow pots sit on cold floors or even just on floors in general cold air sits low and also creates colder soil. You want your soil temps to remain in the 65-70 degree range.

Michigan Made Mix

Michigan made mix is a great choice for those growers that want a one stop organic soil straight through flowering without having to mix your own soil. All the soil needs is water, but do not over water. This soil is composed of Canadian Peat Moss and Composted Michigan Sphagnum. In addition to seabird guano, greensand, blood & bone meal, lime, and rock phosphates which help feed the plants with all the needs nutrients in the flowering stages. You’ll only have to water the plants every 4-5 days depending on environment and how big the plants are. As long as the soil is moist your plants are fine, even if the top soil feels a little dry that’s ok as long as the pot feels heavy then the undersoil has plenty of water to feed the plants. With this soil it is better to underwater than over water. This is because as the plants grow their roots systems will be looking to water deeper in the soil which will help them grow and expand. Each bag of mix contains enough soil for about 3-4 plants in a 3 gallon pot. Michigan Made Mix will give your plants all the nutrients they need without the headache of having to put them in yourself.

FoxFarm FX14049 Liquid Nutrients

This Set comes with 3 separate bottles of nutrients that are specifically designed for each stage of growing. Well known and trusted brand among growers. For the first stage of growing you will be using the Grow Big Hydro which has an NPK of 6-4-4. For the second stage you will be using the tiger bloom which has an NPK of 2-8-4, use this when the budding starts. Big Bloom has an NPK of 1-3-7 and is used throughout the entire growing process.


  • Grow Big Hydro
  • Tiger Bloom
  • Big Bloom

General Hydroponics General Organics Grow Box

This grow box is perfect for beginner growers who are first starting yo use soil. It comes with everything you need in terms of nutrients as well as additional samples for you to try and use in your grow as well. The main nutrients you will be using include a 16 oz. bottle of BioThrive Grow which has an NPK of 4-3-3 which is used in the vegetative state. When you see budding for the time it is time to start using the Bloom which comes in a 16 oz. bottle and has an NPK of 2-4-4. The samples that you receive in the package include 8 oz. bottles of CaMg+, BioRoot, BioWeed, BioBud, BioMarine and Diamond Black.


  • 1x 16oz BioThrive Grow
  • 1x 16 oz Bloom
  • 1x 8oz CaMg+
  • 1x 8oz BioFRoot
  • 1x 8oz BioWeed
  • 1x 8oz BioBud
  • 1x 8oz Biomarine
  • 1x 8oz Diamond Black

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow + Pure Blend Pure Bloom

You receive 2 products with this bundle. The grow blend and the bloom blend. The grow blend has an NPK of 3-2-4 and is used during the vegetative stage and ideally during the beginning of the flowering stage as well. The bloom blend has an NPK of 2-3-5 and is used during the flowering stage since it has lower nitrogen and higher potassium which is the ideally more precise ratio of nutrients in this stage.


  • 1x Grow Blend
  • 1x Bloom Blend

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer Set

This set is the most popular brand among hydroponic growers. It is 3 separate 1 quart bottles of each formula. For the vegetative stage you will use the Flora Micro which has an NPK of 5-0-1. For the flowering stage you will use the Flora grow which has an NPK of 2-1-6. The Flora Bloom has an NPK of 0-5-4 so after about a half a month of flowering you should be using this formula with the plants. 


  • 1x 1 quart Flora Grow
  • 1x 1 quart Flora Bloom
  • 1x 1 quart Flora Micro1

Fox Farm FX 14050 Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom Fertilizer Set

You may use the Big Bloom in every growing stage, it has an NPK of 0.01- 0.3-0.7. Tp start use the Grow Big Hydro which has an NPK of 3-2-6. When flowering begins switch to the Tiger Bloom which has an NPK of 2-8-4 as it is a precise ratio for the flowering stage of the grow.  


  • 1x Big Bloom
  • 1x Grow Big Hydro
  • 1x Tiger Bloom

Techna Flora recipe For Success nutrient Bundle

This bundle includes everything that you need. Both Thrice Alive B1 Red and Green promote growth during the flowering stage of the process. The Rootech is good for the grow during the vegetative stage. The Awesome Blossoms are perfect for the flowering stage as it is a very good flower stimulant in general. MagiCal is good for the nutrition of the plant because it contains magnesium, calcium and iron which helps with the overall quality of your plants. The Root 66 is organically blended, it is a nutrient that can be used with any of the fertilizers that are included in the bundle. In order to create a more quality fragrance Sugar Daddy contains carbohydrates and amino acids that help keep the plant fresh.


  • 1 500 ML B.C. Grow
  • 1 500 ML B.C. Boost
  • 1 500 ML B.C Bloom
  • 1 125 Thrive Alive B-1 Red
  • 1 125 Thrive Alive B-1 Green
  • 1 7g RooTech Cloning Ge1 125 ML Awesome Blossoms
  • 1 125 MagiCal
  • 1 250 Root 66
  • 1 250 ML Sugar Daddy

Botanicare 3 Pack Bundle Grow, Bloom, Base + Twin Canaries Chart and Pipette

This pack of formula is set up a little different than the others. Instead of having a more balanced mix the formulas are set up so there are no nutrients where there should be levels for each stage. The Grow formula will be used for the vegetative stage but you will also use it when your plants are starting to bloom. It has an NPK of 2-4-4. When your plant is leaving the vegetative stage and is moving into blooming you will use the Base formula which has an NPK of 4-0-0 since Nitrogen is the most important nutrient that the plant needs at this point and only needs very minimal levels of Phosphorous and Potassium. When your plants start to flower you will need to use the Bloom formula which has an NPK of 0-6-6 since in this stage Nitrogen levels should be extremely low while Phosphorous and Potassium levels should be particularly high. 


  • 1x Grow Formula
  • 1x Base Formula
  • 1x Bloom Formula
  • 1x Twin Canaries Chart
  • 1x Pipette
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